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About Salome

Salut, I am Salome Khelashvili. Sign: Libra Born: 20.10.1985 During my 33 years on Earth, I’ve come a long way to realize that yoga is not just one part of my life, but the way of it. It is the only thing that challenges me and makes me discover new experiences.


Let me tell you a little about myself and the journey I had before I came to yoga. Since I was born, I was constantly in motion. My parents are both dancers and they have influenced me a lot. My mother would perform on stage during early pregnancy months, so even in womb, I was introduced to the sounds of applauds and claps. As a kid, I was interested in girly things, like makeup and pretty dresses but at the same time, I was always doing some sort of sports like skiing, tennis. I used to dance ballet at some point too. Obsession with aesthetics and looks urged me to become a model. After becoming Miss Georgia in 2005, I went to Miss World Competition, were all of my expectations about modeling world were crushed. 8 years ago, when I gave birth to my first boy, that’s when I was introduced to yoga. I wanted to lose extra kilograms that I gained during pregnancy and i was super motivated.


My first impressions about yoga were different. I’d even laugh while doing some of the poses. It was after months of intensive training, (I started shedding weight pretty fast and getting in shape) that I realized, yoga was something I enjoyed. It was not just the means of losing weight. Yoga opened up the door to the world for me that has no ending and no boundaries. My philosophy in life is – I know this life has to offer plenty of interesting things for me. If I tilt my head down, I won’t be able to see. On the contrary, I need to straighten up, lift my head up, face the sun and be open to any possibilities along the way. That’s how I’ve been living these past 8 years, going with the flow and enjoying each and every day this world has to offer.


On this journey, yoga helped me to see how important it is to open up your heart and feel that world is at your feet. By being open and pure, you realize how everything is deeply connected and yoga becomes the bridge to understanding how it all works! It also helped me listen to my body and heart more. As a kid, I thought that beauty was only acquired through cosmetics, fancy clothes and expensive creams. But now I realize, that meditation, good sleep and balanced diet can work miracles. Beauty of your thoughts and healthy body – this is what constitutes beauty for me. That is what I keep telling everyone – always pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. It knows better.


What I never get bored of – is traveling and exploring the world. If not yoga, I’d probably be psychologist. I’m interested in motivations behind people’s actions. I am always studying people around me.


Why I created this website – Over the last few years, as I perfected my practice, I realized I needed an outlet somewhere outside of my room to share my experience and knowledge I’ve gained to. I want to inspire and help people start their way of journey to being healthy, both inside and out.


What you’ll be seeing here is – videos of my practice and tips to healthy diet.


Why me – I believe that each and every person is unique. Weight loss diets and exercises on the internet do not work the same way for everyone and can frequently end with health threatening results.


You can contact me here and I can consult and create individual plan for you, including meals and exercises.


Plus, you can find more about my inner world and journey through my blog

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