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7 Inceptions

“Human being is much more complex creature than we assume, it contains not only spirit and body, but it represents spiritual itself.” (YOGI RAMACHARAKA)

The body, as the lowest form of expression of our being, reveals us only on the physical spectrum and the active “I” is the soul, part of the divine. Consequently, as we reach specific development with yoga, a new force will emerge in us.

According to the philosophy of yoga, human being consists of seven inceptions. It would be right if we start to think of a person by the fact that the true “I” is the soul and the body is all the rest of our expression forms. A person can manifest in the seven inceptions, if one reaches specific development.

  1. Physical body
  2. Astral, philosophical body
  3. Life energy
  4. Instinctive mind
  5. Intelligence, consciousness
  6. Spiritual mind
  7. Spirit
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