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Follow your flow

It is essential for our success and happiness to follow our flow. We need to trust ourselves, listen to our inner “Yes” and follow where our heart and intuition take us…. Many people follow someone else’s flow, then they feel confused and distant with their own hearts. More you follow your flow, happier you will feel and when u feel happy, peaceful and centered, you will attract greater abundance.

Reasons to follow your flow:

U will feel you are living the life you were meant to live

Your health will improve

Your relationships and integrity will improve

When you are ready to follow your flow universe will support you


Flow manifests itself when a person’s natural skills align with the challenges they face. There is a feeling of spontaneous joy or rapture while performing a task. There is a sense of personal control over the situation and the experience of the activity is intrinsically rewarding.

Flow is defined as the state of being completely engrossed in the execution of a performance to the exclusion of everything else.

Flow is achieved when body, mind, and spirit are at one, when the present moment is so compelling that everything else disappears. Time slows, ego dissolves, and fear fades. The state of flow is a meditation. It is this state that we hope to achieve during our practice of Asanas.

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