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From practice to result

Knowledge is the power that you must absorb, that is why we always start with pranayama, subordinating prana. It really is hard to take control over it and requires a certain time. Step by step, we get familiar with it, we get to know its capabilities, and understand the meaning behind each exercise, what kind of energy carrier and supplier it is for us.

All this will sooner or later come to us, it just takes some time, effort and systematic training, only then will we see our result. No explanation is needed, nor it gives any evidence, only you can confirm to yourself and your body. Breathe twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, when the day replaces the night and vice versa. When there is a special calmness around us and our body can join this environment.

Practice in a separate room, do not sleep where you train, as space needs to maintain a clean and spiritual atmosphere. Try to fill this space with flowers, drawings. This is an ideal environment for Yoga. Light scented candles, sticks, during morning and evening, do not enter the room while irritated, with angry heart, disordered, only let in people with positive energy and those who are close to your inner world. Slowly, calmness and pleasant aura will be established in this space. If you are feeling overwhelmed or irritated, entering this room will be amazingly relaxing. If one can’t afford a separate room, then any space can be used. Just sit upright, inhale and exhale few times, and release kind wishes to the universe, the more positive energy you release, this making you feel very well.

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