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Prana – The Key

Meditation is about spiritual and mental development of a human being. A person who meditates with a calm mind and achieves rhythm, senses the pulsation throughout the body, makes the concentration and directs thoughts to the utter prana energy of the universe. The world is full of this limitless energy that grants power, fills and drives everything around. We need to understand, that we can use and consume this limitless supply of prana energy in our daily lives and that the energy of the world belongs to us. That’s why we can ask for it, which without a doubt, will never decline.

Breathing should be slow, on every inhale, we have to imagine how we breathe in and absorb prana energy. On exhale, it is necessary to get rid of all the unnecessary energy from the body, accumulated within us. After that, we begin consciously imagining and seeing ourselves in a solid health, full with life energy, strong and solid mindset, happy and joyful mood. For a person, exhausted throughout the day, would be enough to concentrate for a few minutes, inhale prana breaths (energy) several times, exhale negative energy and liberate oneself, while definitely noticing a significant change, thus exponentially improving physical and mental state. Directing prana to any part of body will generate vital energy of that particular part, replenishing and revitalizing it, possible for every person after little practice. This type of results can only be achieved by control over body, by meditation and breathing exercises.

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