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Six Yoga Words You Should Know

At that time, I mostly lived with the product of other’s desires to me. I was comfortably controlled by harmony and remained safe in a bubble. Inside, I was disturbed for something, that I was unable to describe, something very far outside my comfort zone.

A few months later, I left everything, traveled thousands of miles away and experienced something new just for me, not for anyone else… Yoga was a huge part of my daily routine. Some days later I woke up; I felt new me inside and the strength. I realized that ‘my practice’ came to me again.’ It helped me to feel confident once again, that is something unreal and unbelievable when we find this energy in us. This process is an amazing thing in life and when you feel it, you can fly no matter which direction. You can just fly away. I strongly believe that the best is yet to come and  the happiness is round the corner.

Namaste – I bow to the divine in you

Asana – yogic movements

Om – energy of sound

Shanti – inner peace

Mudra – ritual

Pranayama – controlled breathing

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