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The Yoga Way

Yoga fascinates us because we know how good it is for our health, it helps us free our bodies and makes us more peaceful than we were before. Most people understands yoga as a series of Asanas or postures that will help us achieve relaxation. Of course, yoga is much more than just performing Asanas, it’s a way of life defined as a unity of soul with universal spirituality by great yogis.

The purpose of yoga is to help us stay more in our consciousness and from here on, to impact our outside life, cleanse and change the being in such a way, when it’s ready to be transformed, to join divine wisdom, will and love.

At the same time, we respect ourselves and learn to accept our own human weaknesses. Practice will help us control our passion, emotion and live in harmony firstly with ourselves, then with each other. Practice of Asanas is just one part of the process, which paves the way deep into our heart. We can master our ego thinking, liberate it and have an access to the higher self.

Imagine a world in which more of us are led by heart. As my favorite guru says – “Yoga teaches us to seek love, based on the source of our being. It teaches us, that we are not only the giver and receiver of love, but that we are love ourselves.”

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