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In your yoga world

In your yoga journey, there will probably come a time when you wonder just how some Sanskrit term applies to daily life or how the physical practice of asana relates to yoga’s transformative powers. Fortunately, people have been writing yoga books for thousands of years—and no matter what your question, someone probably has addressed it in writing somewhere.

Yoga offers a path to enlightened living—not transcending the human experience, but transforming it into one of connection, love, and happiness. He takes you through a guided tour of the five koshas(energetic sheaths), with the aim of engaging and maximizing the functioning of the self at every level. This approach is evident in the chapter names: “Nourishing the Physical,” “Energizing the Vital,” “Educating the Intellect,” “Refining the Personality,” and “Fulfilling the Heart.” As in the kosha model for spiritual development, no part of the self is left behind on the quest for union with the Divine.

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