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2 Day Workshop at Rooms Khazbegi

What a day, what a workshop! I feel like a whole new universe opened up in front of me, powers and forces bubbling at the bottom of my soul, powers that I had no idea existed in me, all of a sudden flourished and I am a whole new woman! It was THIS special.

It was an utmost honor and pleasure for me to share my knowledge with so many strong, beautiful and inspiring women: to watch their movements and eagerness to learn and to feel the freedom of body and mind – this energy of life itself flowing through us – was indeed the most beautiful thing one can experience.

To all the women out there, I want to fully express my gratitude for your support and for believing in me! Without you, I would not be here and would not be teaching and most importantly, growing as a person. This is the most valuable gift woman can receive from fellow women. Thank you!


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