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Finding Your Center invites you to find and connect, or maybe reconnect, with your center. Adriene created this core and pranayama practice to help you get centered in both the mind and body. Roll out your mat today and use this

Many years ago, an Indian sage named Patanjali wrote a now famous treatise called The Yoga Sutras.
 The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali refers to eight limbs of yoga,
each of which offers guidance on how to live a meaningful and purposeful

Arm balance asanas in yoga can be challenging, but also a very rewarding part of any yoga practice. They are beneficial as strength builders, they promote great circulation and demand ultimate concentration of the mind.

The somatic practices of yoga include: yoga postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama) and relaxation practices (yoga nidra). These somatic practices are designed to help you observe, listen, and uncover your inner intelligence.

It is essential for our success and happiness to follow our flow.
We need to trust ourselves, listen to our inner “Yes” and follow where our heart and intuition take us….
Many people follow someone else’s flow, then they feel