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The Axis of Energy

The somatic practices of yoga include: yoga postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama) and relaxation practices (yoga nidra).  These somatic practices are designed to help you observe, listen, and uncover your inner intelligence.

As we switch from chest to abdominal breathing our exhalations are more complete which allows us to take in up to 7 times more oxygen. The increase in oxygen gives us a greater sense of vitality. More oxygen in the system means more oxygen in the brain resulting in improved concentration and mental clarity in addition to a longer life span.

Yoga, as a science, gives the mankind the ability to observe a human being. The power of mind is directed towards our inner world. It investigates the realities and reveals actual processes within us –  it’s a pure form of knowledge.

We are surrounded by an environment observed from its surface; we tend to ignore the depth of its inner beauty and don’t have the time to appreciate its concealed essence.

This is where you will find the axis of energy. It requires a concentration of the mind, proper flow of the energy and thoughts. It requires great patience, to study ourselves, to analyze our inner nature and to listen to its calling.


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